Dr. Jimm

Turning Into Your Parents? Dr. Jimm Can Help.

A wallet full of old receipts, a man full of shame.

A PhD in “Tellin' It Like It Is”

SHAME: One young man reveals a dark secret.

Horrifying Secrets Revealed…

A young man’s odd birthday request.

30 Going On 60!

Worst Fears Come True

Just When He Thought He’d Heard It All…

The campaign lived on Facebook for the month of November.

See? Advertising doesn’t have to suck!


Young people everywhere are turning into their parents. Why? Among other things, they’re afraid to give up their old computers for a new PC.

Thank God for self-help guru Dr. Jimm (played by SNL’s Kenan Thompson), whose TV show is devoted to getting young guests to change their parent-y ways, with the help of a new PC.

This project is a personal labor of love: I came up with the concept, the character, wrote all the scripts, created shareable social media images that parody motivational quotes, and helped create a complete Facebook presence for the show.

It also kicked off an exciting partnership between The Onion and Facebook’s Anthology program.

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November 2015


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